Flashsport is a new project from the Czech company livesport. With over 85 million users and representation in over 30 countries, livesport wanted to pivot into sports news.

Our main competition being google sports we wanted to create a memorable, intuitive experience that would be easy to use for even the most casual sports watchers.


The problem

Currently, in the world of personalized sports news, the excitement gets lost in the data. For everyday users, many sports apps are too information heavy. They tend to forget about the joy and excitement of the game itself.

We wanted to create an experience that looked beyond the data. An experience around joy and excitement. An experience that was built just for you.

Cost of the problem

The first version of the application has been launched by the time we came in yet there were so many usability issues.

The core issue was the app was not habit-forming. For personalization based applications, forming a habit it quintessential to its success as it only appreciates when the application learns the users preference. Think Netflix or Spotify. For these apps to recommend songs or movies we need to have a good understanding of what you like and dislike. To get this data the user needs to use the application multiple times.

The more time we can get the user to spend during the first few weeks of using the app, the strong our reccomendation algorithm will get. Giving better personalization will increase the value of the app for the user. This is true for apps like Spotify and Netflix’s.


At the start of each project we ask our client, what would a success completion of this product mean for your business

Yes, even creatives has KPIs – here’s what we were focusing on

  • Time on site within the first two weeks of signing up
  • Less dropoff after onboarding
  • Time to finish the actual project (aiming for 3 months)

Our Approach

Many sports news site focus on data first. How can we get the most about of data to the user the fastest? We do not believe this is the best approach as it puts the experience second.

Instead of building a platform for avid sports fans, as our competitors do, we built a platform that just about anyone can use.

We focused on creating a strong user experience that supports heavy data rather than the other way around.

The Process

Sketch & Wireframing



Component based design





Although we are a design only agency we work closely with our developers to make sure the handoff is smooth. We remain on call for the entire development process to make sure your dreams become a reality. With flashsport, we build a component guide and a comprehensive style guide to ensure development went quickly. We hand off front end spec in Zeplin.

Final product

The results of our KPIs are to be reported. Flashsport is currently in development and will launch in August 2019. Internally and with beta users there has been a very significant positive response in response to usability and over all look and feel.

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